For more information on training seminars or contacting a speaker, email:  Info@royaltyconsultants.org Royalty Consultants LLC, is a full service national training consulting firm serving the private and public sector. Established in 2013, Royalty Consultants, is led by our President, and lead facilitator Latroy Caesar (latroycaesar.com) who has over 20 years of professional experience. Latroy is a certified professional trainer with several years of professional training experience, and a former Executive Director of a TANF contract in Washington DC. Working with our firm provides you access to multiple levels of support to make you and your organization produce optimal results.

The staff at Royalty Consultants consist of several senior trainers, multiple contract consultants, industry experts, and published authors of award winning industry published books. Our wide area of expertise consist of training topics and consulting experience related to workforce development, job search transition strategies, diversity training and financial literacy. Our leaders bring an unparalleled level of expertise and professionalism to all Royalty Consultant training platforms. Discover the greatness in you and your organization! Our firm provides the motivation to spark that dream, as well as provide you with key principles, strategies and fundamentals that will produce greater results.

Our consulting firms’ goal is to provide you the tools, that will assist in achieving and increasing productivity, performance, morale and stay competitive in this highly competitive transforming technical millennium.

Available Training Seminar Topics:

Financial Literacy, Understanding Credit Training 101

Time Management – Have The Most Productive Day

Key Fundamentals in Starting A Business

Workforce Development – Participation & Placements

Diversity and Customer Service

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March 20th, Catch me LIVE out of NY, Co-Hosting on the Levant & Kool Ken radio show, Noon – 2pm, www.DTFradio.com

Previous featured guest on the “Levant & Kool Ken radio show” on xtreme104fm.com, LIVE out of Brooklyn, NY, weekdays, 3pm-5pm EST

Previous featured guest on the Sunday evening, “Congo Hour Spotlight,” on Comcast 28, Wilmington, Delaware

Previous featured guest on the 2012 Half Circle 180 TV Local Celebrity Interview Series on Sacramento Comcast 17, or Online at www.HalfCircle.tv, hosted by Jemuel Johnson

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